Real Estate transactions can be challenging, and every deal is different. From the “snowbirds” from Canada purchasing a condominium to the investor purchasing a multi million dollar commercial building, Cona Law provides custom tailored legal solutions to ensure that each client avoids the complications and stress that can arise with a Real Estate transaction.

Cona Law PLLC represents individuals, residential and commercial developers, builders, investors, and lenders with many aspects of Real Estate transactions in Southwest Florida and throughout Florida.

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Small businesses are the true engine of our economy. From the young entrepreneur with a vision to the well-established company with a solid business foundation, Cona Law provides each client with outside the box legal advice to navigate through challenges and achieve their goals while protecting their business and minimizing risk.

With a particular emphasis on startups, small and mid-sized businesses and real estate investors, Cona Law PLLC provides assistance with entity formation, new business startup, document preparation, and more.

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Whether you are a young, single person or a married person with several grandkids it is important to provide certainty for your loved ones and to avoid issues if you are unable to make decisions on your own behalf. Most people prioritize their estate planning somewhere between cleaning out the garage and a root canal! But estate planning does not need to be overwhelming or expensive. Most people do not need a complicated estate plan to be protected.

Cona Law PLLC provides each client with a custom-tailored estate plan that incorporates their unique situation to provide protection from uncertainty at a reasonable cost.

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